Tick'er off's top ten essential items to carry when touring

  1. It’s no secret that sometimes when you’re travelling in a camper trailer it can get stinking hot! To make sure we keep our trailer cool we rely on our 12-inch Wanderer Oscillating Rechargeable Fan that we run from the cig plug inside our camper trailer. This helps circulate the air inside the trailer and especially helps to keep us cool overnight while we sleep. https://www.bcf.com.au/p/wanderer-oscillating-rechargeable-fan-12in/566680.html


  1. To decrease the likelihood of theft, always leave your camper trailer with a secure and reliable lock. We never leave our camper trailer unhitched from the car without having our Cruisemaster DO35 hitch lock in place as the pin and lock together prevents others being able to hitch up our camper! It’s a small purchase to protect a valuable product!         https://cruisemaster.com.au/new-lock-do35-do45-v1/


  1. Purchasing an effective and efficient solar panel is essential so you know you can keep your batteries charged and fridge running. This isn’t the time to look for a cheap and nasty, spend your money wisely on a reliable product that you know will do the job. In the long run this will save you money as you can utilise more free and unpowered campsites. We don’t travel anywhere without our Enerdrive Solar Panel and without a doubt it’s been worth every cent! https://enerdrive.com.au/product/160w-folding-solar-panel-kit/


  1. When we are travelling around the countryside safety always comes first and so of course an essential item we carry with us at all times is a first aid kit. When you’re packing your first aid kit in the car or trailer makes sure it is well stocked, in date and easily accessible. We also carry a snake bite kit with our first aid kit as you can’t be too prepared when it comes to safety! https://survivalfirstaidkits.net.au/collections/all/products/outdoor-bundle


  1. Another great piece of gear that we don’t travel anywhere without is our PLB, Personal Locator Beacon. A PLB is a GPS tracked device that you can activate should you be in distress and unable to contact emergency services. Should you activate your PLB, emergency services will try and contact you and your registered next of kin to confirm that you are ok, if they are unable to confirm this, they will send emergency services to your exact location. It’s something good to have, but hopefully something you’ll never need! https://www.repco.com.au/4x4-adventure-escape/vehicle-safety-products/personal-locator-beacons/gme-gps-personal-locator-beacon-406mhz-mt610gaus/p/A5609661


  1. If you’re someone that wants to keep the inside of your camper trailer as clean as possible, you need to think about buying a Muk Mat! Having a Muk Mat at the door of your camper trailer means you aren’t constantly bringing dirt or mud inside the trailer and it also works well to keep out extra sand you might have bought home from the beach! It’s super soft under foot, it’s lightweight and packs up using its velcro strap for easy storage. It’s a big yes from us. https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/4wd/auto-accessories-electrical/muk-mat/BP90182023-green


  1. Sometimes no matter how hard you try it’s not possible to find level ground to set up your camper trailer on so it’s always helpful to travel with a levelling ramp to assist in making your camper trailer as level as possible. All you need to do is place the levelling ramp in front or behind the tyre on the descending side and drive onto the ramp until your trailer is level. It’s simple but effective! https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-caravan-leveller-with-chock-single/621126.html?cgid=SCA01040602#start=2


  1. When it comes time to refill your water tank in your camper trailer, you’re not always going to have a known and reliable water source to refill from. Times like these it can be really beneficial to be carrying a water filtration device that will remove chlorine, taste and odour from any water point you fill up from. As a standard we always have a filter connected to our hose when we fill our tanks up and it really does make a difference in the taste and quality of the water! https://www.bunnings.com.au/stefani-universal-in-line-caravan-water-filter-cartridge_p5090173


  1. One of our favourite things about travelling in a camper trailer is the amount of outdoor living you still do but of course with this comes the catch that you can be outside contending with a million mozzies or even worse, midges! To make sure we are protected from these infuriating pests we never travel anywhere without our Thermacell unit which means we don’t have to bother with messy sprays or lotions! They might be a little more expensive than Aeroguard but we can assure you they are very worth it! https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/health-safety/insect-protection/thermacell-backpacker-repeller/BP90166098-grey


  1. We absolutely love heading off the beaten track with our Lumberjack but quite often this means we are without service to use apple/google maps. To make sure we are always able to navigate to and from our destination we have purchased and downloaded the Hema Maps App. The app allows you to download maps that can be used offline and they have honestly come in handy more times than we can count! https://hemamaps.com/blogs/hema-maps-gear/4wd-maps-app