About Us

G'day guys, Josh and Em here, the two travellers behind Tick’er off Touring. This year we have packed up our home in Central Victoria and hit the road to complete our 2022 bucket list trip around Aus. Travelling in our N70 2012 Hilux and Lumberjack Camper Trailer, we are hoping to tick off all our bucket list items and share them with you as we go!

Josh is a qualifeid plumber by trade but loves everything outdoors, from four-wheel driving to camping, fishing and hunting. With a passion for exploring and a dream to travel Aus, he convinced Em it was time to pass on the 9-5 grind and hit the road. After working as a social worker for the last five years, Em was ready for a change of pace and so it was decided that 2022 was the right time to finally take on our lap of Aus! 

That’s really where tick’er off touring came into play. The more we looked to plan our trip, the more we realised that there really wasn't any one place we could go to that could help us pull together our plans. So here we are, and here is Tick'er off Touring! What we hope can be the platform that we were looking for, helping those out there traveling Aus learn about those must-see destinations and experiences. Tick’er off Touring is somewhere that you can read about unreal experiences others have had, as well as sharing your own experiences for everyone else to enjoy. It is a one stop shop to see (although only through photos) some of the most iconic landmarks and to show case all that Australia has to offer. 

And so here we are, living our dream and completing the iconic bucket list lap of Aus! We hope that our journey and all that Tick’er off Touring offers can inspire you to get out there and explore Australia and to tick off your bucket list items in this great country we live in. 

Since Tick’er off launched in July 2020 we have been overwhelmed with the support of so many. A big thanks to everyone getting behind the page and the brand so far and for sharing all the unreal spots you guys have ticked off so that we too can experience them. If we could, we would be having a beer with every single one of you but until we cross paths out there, keep ticking off those epic bucket list spots and let us know about it by tagging @tickerofftouring or dropping #tickeroff on your photos! 

Safe travels guys, cheers!! 

Camp setup at Perlubie Beach