Tick'er off's top ten tips for touring in a camper trailer

  1. Before taking your camper trailer on any big trips, complete a series of small trips not too far from home while you put your first 1,000 kilometres on the board. This will give you the opportunity to make sure everything in your trailer is in good working order and draw your attention to anything that might need addressing.


  1. Always set up your annex before erecting the telescopic poles inside your camper trailer. By doing this you will be able to set up the awning at a much lower height without requiring a step ladder. This will allow for a less strenuous and much quicker set up of your annex.


  1. If you ever have to pack up your camper trailer while the canvas is wet, always open the trailer again at your earliest convenience, ideally as soon as possible. Drying out the canvas as soon as possible will prevent mould, mildew and stains developing on your canvas which impacts on its overall quality and durability of the canvas.


  1. Always carry a waterproof mattress protector with you in case you do need to pack up your trailer while the canvas is wet. After making your bed, place the mattress protector over the mattress and bedding to protect it from becoming damp when pressed up against the wet canvas while the trailer is closed.


  1. Do your best to find a home for everything in your camper trailer just like you would in a house. Having an organised environment in your home on wheels will make for a much more pleasurable experience when you are out camping and travelling around the countryside. If you can, try to have essentials that stay in your camper trailer permanently to minimise what you are packing and unpacking when you are on the move. Examples of this might include your cooking utensils, staple pantry items, bedding, towels etc


  1. Depending on the model of your gas cooker, you might find that the burners constantly rattle off their fitting while you’re driving which makes quite a mess on your cook top. To avoid this, keep the foam gas cooktop covers that come with your trailer as they will keep the burners securely in place and prevent one hell of a mess being made on your cooktop while you’re traveling!


  1. Each state in Australia has different towing laws so before hitting the road with your trailer it’s important to make sure you are familiar with these. An example of the laws differing includes in Western Australia where the maximum speed limit when towing is 100km/ph even if you are travelling on a road signposted 110km/ph. This is different to NSW where this law is not imposed until your vehicle and tow vehicle together exceed 4500kg.


  1. If you’re travelling in a camper trailer the chances are you’re without a shower and washing machine and making the most of freebies along the road. Of course, sometimes they are far and in between and that’s when your big stash of gold coins come in handy. Having plenty of $2 and $1 coins stashed in your glove box will mean you’re never caught out without a dollar to pay for a hot shower or to do a load of washing.


  1. Sometimes when you’re planning a trip away or touring around the country you might find your yourself needing some help locating a campsite or finding the sights to see in the area. In instances like these, apps such as wiki-camps can be so helpful as they alert you to all the resources in your area. It lets you find facilities like showers, toilets, attractions, and campsites. It’s a free app you can download and it’s one we used a lot during the last 12 months on the road!


  1. The beauty of camper trailers is that they will go just about anywhere your car will, so if you find yourself off the beaten track and you’re dropping the tyre pressure in your car, the chances are you should be dropping the tyre pressure in your trailer too. Lowering your tyre pressure in rough terrain enhances how the suspension is working and improves the traction of the vehicle so it makes sense to create this standard in both your tow vehicle and camper trailer.